Maryam’s Home Studio

Maryam Nasim, Maryam's Home Studio

Maryam’s Home Studio is a creative workplace, run by Maryam Nasim. Maryam and her apprentices provide a variety of high-quality creative services for you.

Our area of expertise includes,

1. Cartoon animations.
2. Story Line development/Scripting
3. Characters
4. Objects
5. Mascots and funny Logos
6. Backgrounds
7. Story Boarding
8. Illustrations


The requirements of our clients are fulfilled according to their cultural, religious, and national backgrounds. High-quality content can be produced for your company in any area of the world.

Other Services

We provide exclusive art pieces for interiors and offices including,

Oil Paintings
Water paintings
Mixed media work
We can also make Paintings according to your requirements that meet your color and design needs.

1. Children’s Book illustration
2. Funny Greeting Cards to meet your publishing requirements with exclusive punch lines and rhymes.