About Maryam Nasim

About Maryam Nasim, illustrator, animator

I am a painter, 2D animator, illustrator, tarot card reader and writer from Islamabad Pakistan.

I’ve had an interest in art and design since I was a kid, and it grew stronger with time. I got a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Punjab University Lahore. I majored in painting but later developed an interest in the field of computer graphics. At that time online tutorials to learn software were not available like they are these days, so I went through a lot of tutorial books and learned to work in several computer graphic software programs. I started working for a local greeting card company as an illustrator while I was still studying, and this beginning paved my way to enter the international market. I kept on learning and working till I got my first break to work as a greeting card artist for an American greeting card company, Birthdayalarm, and this opportunity began a whole new chapter in my life. Now I have been a freelancer for more than 18 years and work with various international clients.

I love writing and I mostly write about social issues and create awareness about women rights. I write in Urdu so my messages get across more people in my country.

I am a professional tarot and Lenormand card reader. You can see my tarot website at maryamtarot.com.