Pixcil Logo and Web Ad.

I created a company called ‘Pixcil’. I made an office, hired a few people but then dropped the idea and started wo

Woodland Writing Paper

I just love this writing paper and all these cute woodland animals.

اپنے کام سے کام رکھیں

This Urdu blog was published in Hum Sub and here is a link to this blog http://www.humsub.com.pk/56864/marium-nasim/ میری

Beef Nihari

When I developed this interest for cooking, I started cooking everything from scratch. I learned this Nihari recipe at that ti

Animated Ad for Youtube

This is a flash animated ad that I created for youtube. The voiceover was provided by the client but all the illustrations and

A Painting on Child Abuse

I made this painting when I was a student. This painting shows a drawing of a family made by a child. He then tore the picture

Bridal Shower Tea Party Invitation

This is a bridal shower tea party invitation.

بچہ پیدا کرنے سے پہلے سوچ لیں

A blog to create awareness about the right time to bring a new soul into the world. This blog was published on Hum Sub and her

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

This is one of my most favourite dishes and my whole family loves it. I follow this recipe http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/f

Christmas Card

This is a cute Christmas card with an image of a cute Santa and his gifts.

Animated Birthday Greeting Card

This is an animated Birthday Greeting card that I created for the company Birthday Alarm. Here is a link to the original card

Sample Logo for Search Engine

This is a sample logo for a search engine.

لڑکی کا ماضی اور دقیانوسی سوچ، آخر کب تک؟

Do emotional attachments of a girls have really so much worth and value? Our marriage systems needs to get changed. Here is a

Pintail Ducks (Oil Painting)

This oil painting is a recreation of an artwork. I do not know the name of the real painter.  I made this for a cousin.

Chinese Orange Chicken

Ingredients 1 Cup Fresh Orange Juice 1 Spring Onion (Cut in small pieces) 500g Chicken (Cut in bite size pieces) (1/2 cup and

Flash Animation for Tokyo Crush House (R)

This animation was created for a virtual band ‘Tokyo Crush House’. The voice over and script was provided by the c

Web Splash Logo

I am not very fond of logo designing but sometimes I make some logos. This is one logo that I created for a company called Web

Silent Prayers for Time (Mixed Media)

Title: Silent Prayers for Time Media: Ink and ceramics on wood. Size : 5 feet x 2 feet Description: “Silent Prayers for

سسرال کا جھوٹا بھرم رکھنے کو لال دیدی مت بنیں

This is an Urdu blog about that fine line that girls need to understand in their married lives. It was published on Hum Sub an

Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken

I love making Chinese food in a desi way and I absolutely love sweet and sour dishes. Here is the recipe for this dish. Ingred

Animated Birthday Card

I made this animation for birthday alarm and the horse voice over is by my mom.

Green Ceramic Plate

I worked with ceramic clay when I was a student but couldn’t continue it. My father Nasim Ahmad who is a well-respected

Birthday of Miss Potato

Animated story clip made for kid’s TV network. All rights of this clip are reserved to Almenwar international. It is mut

جذباتی تشدد کو جسمانی تشدد جتنی اہمیت دیں

This blog about emotional abuse was published in DawnNews’ online website. I have shared it at a few other places and fo

Portrait of an Old Man

This is a portrait that I created in the second year of BFA. My portrait teacher was really impressed by this painting. I do n

Korean Spicy Garlic Fried Chicken

This is a recipe by Maangchi that I have tried and modified a few ingredients. I substituted a few ingredients, like leek with

Rockstar Tooth Illustration

A dentist client of mine always asks me to make different kid and women friendly illustrations that are related to teeth. This

Christmas Card

Christmas is one of my most favourite and busy time of the year.  I love every graphic that is Christmas related. This is an