Oil Paintings

I have done Masters in Fine Arts with Painting as my major. I have learned oil painting from one of the most renowned artists of the country.

I couldn’t pursue my passion for painting as I got busy with digital illustrations more but my traditional training helped me a lot with my modern way of work.

The Starry Night Replica

The Starry Night Replica created by Maryam Nasim
Van Gogh is my most favorite painter. I still have to visit the Van Gogh museum but I was lucky enough to saw some of his original artwork during an exhibition in Barcelona, Spain. I remember standing mesmerized in front of his self-portrait. This replica of starry night is just a little tribute to my idol.

Pintail Ducks (Oil on Canvas)

Pintail Ducks Oil Painting

This is another replica that I have created for a family member. This is oil on canvas and the size is 2 feet by 3 feet.

Painting of Flowers

Oil painting of Flowers by Maryam Nasim
I love working in an impressionist style and I wanted to pursue my painting career in that style.

Oil Painting of Blue Boats

Oil Painting of Blue Boats
This is a painting of blue boats that I painted while sitting at the bank of the Canal in Lahore.

Portrait of an Old Man

Portrait of an Old Man
This is one of my most favorite paintings that I have made. I have lost the original one but I am lucky to have its picture. This old man was a model.

A Painting about Child Abuse

A painting about child abuse
I created this painting on the theme of child abuse. I created this painting from the perspective of an abused child. A kid who was abused by his uncle. He sketched a drawing of his family and then ripped the picture of his uncle the abuser off it. Moms should look for such subtle signs as signs of abuse.

Portrait of Amna

Portrait of Amna a Model
I love portrait painting and teachers always encouraged my use of various colors and visible brush strokes. This is a portrait of a model and an amazing person named Amna

Painting on the topic of Isolation

Painting on the topic of Isolation
I made this painting back in the ’90s as a part of my university assignment on the topic of isolation. I knew that the gadgets will isolate people so I made this about virtual chat rooms where kids chat considering themselves connected to people but they are isolated in real.

I have lost many paintings in my university years as they were stolen from the locker. I am still lucky to have some of my work with me.