Mixed Media

On this page, I am sharing the mixed media work that I have done for my MFA thesis. It is part of a series called connection, fusion, confusion. At that time I was inspired by the power of technology and how it was bringing the world together. I was also inspired by African tribal symbols and motifs and I used those in my work.

Ceramics on wood mixed media work by Maryam Nasim

markers and ceramics on wood, mixed media work

Ink and ceramics on wood-mixed media work

ceramics on wood

mixed media work in 4 feet by 8 feet size

The Green Ceramic Plate

Green ceramic plate
This green ceramic plate was made using the slabbing technique.

Ceramic Candle Stand

Ceramic Candle stand
This is a terracotta candle stand.

Ceramic Vase

Ceramic Flower Vase
This ceramic flower vase was also created with slabbing technique.