The Rules of FootBall

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• In 1898 a touchdown was worth 4 points and a field goal was worth 5. By 1912 the point system we use today in which a touchdown is worth 6 points and a field goal 3 was put in effect. The multiple changes in the point system were the effects of fan's increasing preference toward the excitement of touchdowns.


•The longest field goal ever kicked is 63 yards. Both Tom Dempsey of New Orleans (1970) and Jason Elam of Denver (1998) accomplished this feat.


For the beginner: provides a breakdown of the game and rules that are perfect for the beginner. is a great resource for football rules, penalties, origins, and more.

For college football rules:

National Collegiate Athletic Association has over 250 pages of rules and interpretations. Although extremely detailed, the information is indexed in a way that makes it relatively easy to locate.

National Football League (NFL) rules:

National Football League contains the official rules of the National Football League. Information is broken down into specific categories, making it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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findingDulcineahighlights the best football resources available online. This site provides helpful information for all aspects of the game.
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